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Brass Quintet #1 op. 5 (2nd. Mvt.) by Victor Ewald- Trumpet Quintet

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Instrumentation- Trumpet Quintet
Composer- Victor Ewald / trans.Chidester
Length- 3:43
Difficulty- D
Range – Low G to high C (optional D)
Endurance- MD
Finger technique- MD
Counting ability- D
Ensemble difficulty- MD

The Victor Ewald Brass Quintet #1 is one of the best written compositions for a Brass Quintet. The second movement is also one of the most lyrical and interesting movements for his use of the 5/4 time signature alone makes it unique. Every part is a solo part as the counterpoint is fantastic.

I have to say that this will not replace the original Brass Quintet version for the expansive range the composer used is wonderful. But if you would like to play a great composition with a Trumpet Quintet instrumentation, I'm sure this is the best you will find. Assuming there are any others in the world. So, be the first in your neighborhood to play the Trumpet Quintet version of this piece!