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Trio of Horns (Transcribed and Edited for Trumpet trio and Organ/Piano)

Trio of Horns (Transcribed and Edited for Trumpet trio and Organ/Piano)

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Instrumentation- Trumpet trio with Organ/Piano
Composer- Louis-Francois-trans./edited Chidester
Length- 7:07
Difficulty- M
Range – E
Endurance- M
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2-
Ensemble difficulty- 2

It isn't often a quality number comes along that is written for the middle register of the instrument. This is one of those pieces, for the trumpet notes range from low G# up to an A just above the staff. All three parts are melodicly writen for added interest for the players and the counterpoint is great. The Organ part is also simple and for good players, it could be put together the morning of the concert. There is nothing tricky other than the breathing spots. I started writing in the breath marks and realized everyone has a different amound of vital capacity and marking the places to breath would be a waste of time. So..... each player must decide where he/she will need to breath.

This is a major work in two contrasting movements as you can tell from the recording.