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Trio #1- Trumpets 1 & 2 with Trombone and Organ

Trio #1- Trumpets 1 & 2 with Trombone and Organ

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Composer- Handel/trans.Chidester
Length- 05:16
Difficulty- D
Range – E bottom line on staff to B just above staff
Endurance- D
Finger technique- D
Counting ability- MD
Ensemble difficulty- D

Another offering from the pen of one of the greatest composers of counterpoint.

This is a very challenging three movement work originally written for two Sopranos and one Bass singer. I would consider this a number for more advanced players for the amount of playing is challenging as well as the older style of organ notation.

This would be a wonderful recital piece for college level players. I would suggest playing the trumpet parts on D trumpets because of the style and difficulty of the trumpet parts. The trombone part is no problem but again a better organ player will be required.