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The Villages Rag- Trumpet quartet

The Villages Rag- Trumpet quartet

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Composer- Chidester
Length- 4:06
Difficulty- M
Range- Low G to A just above the staff
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M+
Ensemble difficulty- M+

This is a two part composition with an introduction which leads into a Rag. Within the introduction are the following- a choral section, a trumpet solo cadenza and many contrapuntal sections divided into alternating two part duets. Once the Rag is introduced, the tempo continues to increase to the end which can be very fast or moderately fast depending on the players.

I have included two different endings: one of which is straight forward and quick and the other is more complex with a half time feel and an interesting swing ending marked by a very cool chord at the end. If you are looking for something very different from most stereo type arrangements, this would fill your needs.

Your players will have ample time to rest and the range is also very easy.