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The Ultimate Hymn Collection for Brass Quartet!

The Ultimate Hymn Collection for Brass Quartet!

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20 Popular Hymns for Brass Quartet- (Tpts. 1,2 Tbns. 1,2)
Composer- Various/arr.Chidester
Length- Endless
Difficulty- VE
Range- VE
Endurance- VE
Finger technique- VE
Counting ability- VE
Ensemble difficulty- VE

Shortly after our  Popular Hymns for Trumpet Quartet was listed, requests began to come in for the same hymns arranged for a brass quartet. Not only will you receive a score as was available in our first collection, but this time we have included individual parts as well.

That’s 67 pages of material.

That’s less than 4 cents a page………!

We must be out of our minds.

What we lose in individual sales we more than make up for it in volume.