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Symphony #29 Mvt.1- Trumpet Nonet

Symphony #29 Mvt.1- Trumpet Nonet

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Composer-  Mozart/arr.Chidester
Length- 8:38
Difficulty- See below
Range- MD (high D’s have alternate notes included)
Endurance-  See below
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- MD

This is without doubt, the best I have accomplished in four years. I have always had the desire to orchestrate a major symphony movement for a trumpet choir and the challenges are great. Range is always an issue as well as timbre and endurance.

I will be expecting a university trumpet choir to program this soon and I would like to hear the performance either in person or from a recording.

Rate of difficulty-

Tpt. 1 VD, 2 VD, 3 E, 4 VE, 5 VE, 6 VE, 7 VE, 8 VE, 9, VE

I truly feel that this is as close to a symphonic sound as a trumpet choir can get.

Do yourself a favor and program this number for we need to let the world know that we are more than just fanfares and high notes!