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Sonata #1- Trumpet Trio

Sonata #1- Allegro Trumpet Trio

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Composer- Telemann/trans./arr.Chidester
Length- 8:00-9:00
Difficulty- M
Range- ME (top note G just above staff)
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M+
Counting ability- M+
Ensemble difficulty- M+

This is the sixty third in a series of arrangements composed/arr./trans. for use in Solo/Ensemble contests and will help fill the need for new material for competing middle school and high school players. Each of these ensembles are selected to show the very best qualities of your ensemble and through careful editing, each has a professional sound with only an average playing ability.

This arrangement was more a labor of love than anything else. I wanted to arrange a collection of playable, yet challenging pieces which would stand on their own value on any concert stage.

Originally these four movements were writing for two recorders. Due to the fact that a recorder performer is able to play constantly without tiring (within reason), I chose to arrange the two parts for three trumpet players in order to give each player a chance to rest.

As far as the arrangement is concerned, I also took melodic liberties to make it more playable for trumpet players. Changes were also done to the ending phrases which include the third and added part to the last cadences.

The combination of tempi will give you several possibilities when programing the collection. You can play each movement separately or in pairs or three together or the complete arrangement in any order you choose.

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