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She Put On Righteousness- Trumpet Quartet

She Put On Righteousness- Trumpet Quartet

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Instrumentation- Trumpet quartet
Composer- Handel/trans.Chidester
Length- 2:05
Difficulty- M
Range – Low G to G just above staff
Endurance- 2
Finger technique- 2
Counting ability- 2
Ensemble difficulty- 2

This would be a first place at contest for sure. If it is played well! Few composers are as gifted as Bach and Handel at writing counterpoint and I think this is a very fine example. Each player has great lines to play and the interplay of the four is wonderful. This would be a number to train your players to read independently and at the same time think in a cooperative ensemble manner. In other words, “you have to think it, plat it and fit it” into the fabric.

The range is not a problem as well as the endurance. Do yourself a favor and put this in your library, you will thank me. This number sounds very professional but can easily be performed by most high school groups. You may wish to change the minor chord at the end to a major by raising the Bb to a B. This would program better and leave the judge with a more positive view of your group. If you do choose to alter the last chord, be sure to take it up with Handel before hand.