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Pearls of the Sea- Cornet Quartet

Pearls of the Sea- Cornet Quartet

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Instrumentation- Cornet Solo and three cornets
Composer- White
Length- 2:15
Difficulty- E
Range – Low G to G above the staff
Endurance- 1
Finger technique- 1
Counting ability- 1
Ensemble difficulty- 1

This number was written in 1852 and is a perfect example of the music of that time. The solo cornet part is very easy and lyric in style. All parts can be played on trumpets but tend to give the performance a little more edge than I am used to. This is a great “first time” solo piece that has not been heard until now.

As a side note, this title was recommended to me by a friend more than forty years ago and was described as “the most beautiful solo” this person had ever heard. I finally found it last year and agree that it is a beautiful song.