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Original Duet for Two Violins- Trumpet Duet

Original Duet for Two Violins- Trumpet Duet

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M. Jarnovik / trans.Chidester
Length- 6:26
Difficulty- VD
Range- VD
Endurance- VD
Finger technique- VD
Counting ability- VD
Ensemble difficulty- VD

I have had some requests for a duet which would be challenging for the more advanced player and this is something for the more advanced player!

This is the first movement of three in this number.

Although the original violin parts go up to written “G’s” above high C, I have limited both parts to only written “E’s” above high C.

You will find this duet to be musical as well as a real “bear” to perform.

Endurance, range, breathing and very difficult intervals should be expected on this one.

After recording this, I ran into a fellow trumpet player hours after the recording and he pointed out that I had a pronounced “rim dent” in my lip.

So for those up for a challenge, this would do it.