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O Holy Night- Trumpet Solo/Duet/Trio/Quartet/ w Organ

O Holy Night- Trumpet Solo/Duet/Trio/Quartet/ w Organ

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Instrumentation- Trumpet Solo/ Duet/ Trio/ Quartet/ w Organ
Composer- Adolphe Adam
Length- 3:48
Range – Low A to G# just above staff
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- 
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- ME

This is one of the most recognized Christmas songs ever written and because of that fact, I decided to offer it in a most adaptable arrangement. This can be played as a solo, duet, trio or quartet for all of these optional parts have been included. If you are planning to program this number for your Christmas program, you should get this arrangement for no matter how many trumpet players are available, you are covered. The solo part is printed by itself and the duet and third parts are printed on the same score. All of the four quartet parts are printed separately for an antiphonal trumpet choir effect. Also included is the separate organ part as well as a complete concert score.

If you only need a solo, just print out the organ and solo part. If you need a quartet, print those parts out. This will be an arrangement you should definitely download and put in your file drawer for no matter what the number of players you want to use, you will have the flexibility for four possibilities.

This arrangement was written for an average Jr. High player but makes the player sound like a pro.

"You get FOUR complete arrangements of <strong>O Holy Night</strong> for the price of ONE".