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Little Drummer Boy- Solo Track

Little Drummer Boy- Solo Track

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Instrumentation- Solo Track- "The Little Drummer Boy"
Composer- Katherine Davis/arr.Chidester
Length- 4:27
Difficulty- ME
Solo Range – Bottom line E to G just above staff (optional high D)
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- ME
Counting ability- ME
Ensemble difficulty- Always perfect, in tune and on time.

I have had several request for solo tracks and this is another one I will be using this Christmas season. If you have been asked to play a solo in church or at your school, tracks can solve your problem with accompanists. The accompaniment never changes and you can practice any time night or day. Tracks also work cheap!

This package will be sent to your Email address and will include the following material: (1) MP3 recording of the accompaniment track (without Solo Trumpet), (1) copy of the trumpet solo (solo inflections are written in the solo part just as it was recorded, (1) concert score of all the instruments (Solo Trumpet, Flute, Violin 1&2, Cello, Snare and Bass) and (7) Individual parts for each instrument (just in case you would like to use live musicians).

Even if you would only like to impress your friends, order your own orchestra and get into the Christmas spirit now!