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Les Pecheurs de Perles \'Ah! revenez a la raison\' Trumpet Quintet

Les Pecheurs de Perles 'Ah! revenez a la raison' Trumpet Quintet

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Instrumentation- Trumpet Quintet
Composer- Bizet/trans.Chidester
Length- 1:39
Difficulty- ME
Range – Low F (alternate fingering included) to Bb just above staff
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- E
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- E

Beautifully written piece and a nice transcription. I took a couple of liberties such as rewriting it for five trumpets instead of the original four vocal parts. Then I changed the parts around and moved the lowest voice up an octave. Then I added the repeated section at the end for a better ending. I left out a few notes for better balance, but other than that, it's about the same. I also have the forth trumpet playing a low F but I have included alternate fingerings to make it easy to play.