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Jesus Christ is Risen Today- Brass Quartet.(Tpts.1,2,Tbns.1,2,Organ)

Jesus Christ is Risen Today- Brass Quartet.(Tpts.1,2,Tbns.1,2,Organ)

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Composer- William Henry Monk /arr.Chidester   

Length- 4:10

Difficulty- M

Counting ability- ME

Ensemble difficulty- ME

Range- M (Optional high notes for Trumpet 1) 

Endurance- M

Finger technique- ME

“Get this now before you forget how big this is”.

This arrangement is the poster child for the term “PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS”. Not only will your congregation request this every year but your musicians will also. This is the kind of arrangement that is referred to in musician circles as an arrangement with MEAT in it, for each part has sections to really BLOW. When the last chorus comes up we like to say, dig in!

I love this chart!

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