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Hymn To The Fallen- Trumpet Sextet

Hymn To The Fallen- Trumpet Sextet

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Composer-  John Williams/ arr.Chidester

Length- 5:28
Difficulty- M
Range- M
Endurance- M

Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

Here is an example of one of the best Film Score creators of our lifetime. Mr Williams is well know for his powerful scoring for many major films but this one, I think is one of his best because of the emotional harmonic clashes and resolutions in-threaded in this musical statement of respect for our service members.

While recording this piece, I felt that each part was playing its own solo throughout. The counterpoint is a blast and I think the use of two trumpets and four flugelhorns is a perfect combination.

Seldom do I “push” my arrangements but in this case you owe yourself, your players as well as your audience to program this arrangement.


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