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Gavotte in G Major- Trumpet Trio

Gavotte in G Major- Trumpet Trio

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Instrumentation- Trumpet trio
Composer- Handel/ highly edited by Chidester
Length- 2:30
Difficulty- M
Range – Low G to D just above staff
Endurance- M
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

If you are looking for a typical Gavotte, this isn’t it.

If you are looking for a beautiful, slow, smooth trio with more passion than a soap opera, this is the one. I think this has much more appeal at this tempo than what Handel first had in mind. If your second part player does not have a good high D, just drop it down an octave on beat three of measure 29 and move on. This is a very unusual handling of this well known dance piece and should be well received by your listeners.