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Onward, Christian Soldiers- Two Trumpets and Organ

Onward, Christian Soldiers- Two Trumpets and Organ

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Instrumentation- Two Trumpet Descant /w Organ
Composer- Arthur S. Sullivan/ arr.Chidester
Length- 2:36
Difficulty- VE
Range – VE
Endurance- E
Finger technique- 1
Counting ability- 1
Ensemble difficulty- 1

Here is a very usable arrangement for two trumpets on a number known to all. It is in the original key in most hymnals and the trumpet parts are well within the ability of any Jr. High player. The second verse alternates the melody with each trumpet part to save chops and share the load. An optional introduction and ending is included which makes it sound more special than just playing out of the hymnal. Even if you are not in need of this at this time, download it for another time.

This would be a great arrangement if you need to break in a younger player into the wonderful world of church playing.