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Free Sheet Music “Orlando”- Brass Quartet (tpt.1,2, tbn.1,2)

Orlando- Brass Quartet (tpt.1,2, tbn.1,2)

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Composer- Chidester
Length- 3:08
Difficulty- VE
Range- M
Endurance- ME
Finger technique- E
Counting ability- E
Ensemble difficulty- E

This is the forty-seventh in a series of arrangements composed/arr./trans. for use in Solo/Ensemble contests and will help fill the need for new material for competing middle school and high school players. Each of these ensembles are selected to show the very best qualities of your ensemble and through careful editing, each has a professional sound with only an average playing ability.

How could three horrifying tragedies befall one city within such a short period?

Fifty lives were taken by a deranged gunman, an innocent child taken from his parents and a talented young singer shot in the same city.

We may never understand why the innocent are taken as evil continues to grow in our world.

"Death and sorrow stains the earth where joy and bliss once stood.

These lives are gone for reasons known to only One, who could.

The more we see deaths shadow form across our land each day,

the more we feel the loss of life and bow our heads to pray".