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Easy Christmas Medley- Trumpet Quartet

Easy Christmas Medley- Trumpet Quartet

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Instrumentation- Trumpet Quartet
Composer- arr.Chidester
Length- 3:56
Difficulty- VE
Range – Low G to top line F#
Endurance- 1
Finger technique- 1
Counting ability- 1
Ensemble difficulty- 1

We have had a lot of requests this year for the easy Christmas arrangements so I thought I would add one more before the season is upon us. I tried to make this as easy as possible while still having some interesting reading for the players. I counted 293 half notes and whole notes in this arrangement which tells you that you don’t have to be a strong reader to play this arrangement. The range is easy and each player has ample time to rest for the melody is passed around constantly. I wrote it so that only three players were playing the majority of the time in order to let people get rested. I marked the tempo as mm90 but each of the three songs can be played faster if you wish.

The medley consists of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, and “Jingle Bells” which covers about all you would need to please the parents at school or at a church programs.

I have even made the phrases short so that you will be able to remind them to “take in a deep breath” and “fill your horns”.