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Duo No. 1- Trumpet Duet

Duo No. 1- Trumpet Duet

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Composer- Kopprasch/ trans. Chidester
Difficulty- D
Length- 8:31
Range- Low G to A just above staff (optional high C)
Endurance- D
Finger technique- D
Counting ability- D
Ensemble difficulty- D

This is an example of gifted writing skills for two players. I found this to be a charming yet difficult duet which is in three movements and should be done by more advanced players.

Originally it was written for two horns but works well for trumpets also. This is a true chamber work of substance with an opening Allegro and closing Allegro section with a contrasting Adagio section in the middle.

The large, repeated section may be played or omitted depending on the players embouchure.

This includes the score (9 pages) with Trumpet 1 and Trumpet 2 parts (5 pages each).