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Concerto in G for Flute (1st mvt.)- Trumpet Quintet

Concerto in G for Flute (1st mvt.)- Trumpet Quintet

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Composer- Mozart / arr.Chidester

Length- 8:24

Difficulty- VD

Counting ability- D

Ensemble difficulty- VD

Range- M

Endurance- VD

Finger technique- VD


This began as the first movement of a well-known Flute concerto and eventually was arranged for a Trumpet Quintet featuring the first and second Trumpet players.


To say that this is difficult would be an understatement, I actually had to practice this and still was not able to record it at the target tempo.


This was not recorded on the first take as 90% of my pieces are. In other words, this was tough. But if you are an accomplished performer looking for a challenging number for your next recital, go for it.

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