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Classic Christmas Trio- Trumpet Trio

Classic Christmas Trio- Trumpet Trio

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Composer- arr.Chidester
Length- 7:20
Difficulty- M
Range- ME
Endurance- M (easy if performed individually)
Finger technique- M
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

Trios are very popular at Christmas time and for that reason I put together three of our all-time favorites- Silent Night, The Little Drummer Boy and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

Silent Night is in the form of a Theme with three Variation and if you can’t recognize the melody, it’s because I didn’t use it in the first and second variation.

Each of the three players performs the melody at different times and each will enjoy the honor.

As you can see this is a long medley (7:20 minutes) and can be performed as a continuous grouping or broken into three separate songs.