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Christ lag in Todesbanden- Trumpet Quartet

Christ lag in Todesbanden- Trumpet Quartet

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Composer- Bach/trans.-arr.Chidester
Length- 5:53
Difficulty- D
Range- Bb just above staff
Endurance- D
Finger technique- MD
Counting ability- MD
Ensemble difficulty- D

This began as a Cantata (vocal quartet) and was greatly modified to fit more of a trumpet ensemble. Vocal parts have many repeated notes because of multiple syllables and for instrumentalists, this is a waste of time and energy and for that reason I have changed hundreds of repeated eighth notes into quarter notes to create a smoother flow to each part. I have also added spots where the players are able to get a breath or two when necessary.

Due to the original flow and range of the original vocal parts, the work load is shared among each player.
There were two areas which were not originally written for the voices so I added the string parts to fill in these voids.

I have also added the choral to the beginning as well as the end to give an introduction of the original choral to your audience and give a more peaceful ending to the composition.

If you have four strong players and are in need of an outstanding example of great counterpoint, you need to try this one out.