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Bring Back the Old Days- Brass Quintet (Tpts.1,2/Horn/Tbn./Tba)

Bring Back the Old Days- Brass Quintet (Tpts.1,2/Horn/Tbn./Tba)

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Composer- Chidester 

Length- 3:13

Difficulty- E

Counting ability- ME

Ensemble difficulty- ME

Range- E (optional notes in Tpt. 1 part)

Endurance- ME

Finger technique- ME

Here is an original tune that should be included in your Brass Quintet folder. Your audience, as well as your musicians will enjoy this number. Close your eyes and go back to the time that the song lyrics could be understood and were not offensive. When visiting the Root Beer stand meant that all of your friends would be there, and flat tops were popular. Those were the best days!

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