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And Can It Be? Trumpet Trio w/Organ

And Can It Be? Trumpet Trio w/Organ

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Difficulty- MD
Length- 5:20
Range- Low F# to High C# (optional lower notes)
Endurance- MD
Finger technique- MD
Counting ability- M
Ensemble difficulty- M

This is more of a production piece than a congregational "sing along".

This is an anthem or special number not meant for congregational singing. It could be used for congregational singing but would require a very hip congregation and a very good conductor because of the interludes and modulations. This is a trumpet players choice for church performances for it has some great "meaty" parts which will make a good trumpet player happy.

Each part has some challenging sections and is the type of chart trumpet players wait for.
Starts big, middle section calms down a little and continues to build to near the end and closes quietly.

This is a piece which will have many compliments, except for the deaf old lady in the front row that doesn't want anything louder than a mp.

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