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Amazing Grace- Trumpet Octet

Amazing Grace- Trumpet Octet

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Instrumentation- Trumpet Octet
Composer- arr.Chidester
Length- 3:25
Difficulty- M+
Range – Low G to D above high C
Endurance- 2-
Finger technique- 2-
Counting ability- 2-
Ensemble difficulty- 2-

Everyone does this with an opening choral followed by a rock section and finally ends as a slow hymn and this is no exception. The reason everyone does it this way is because it works. The only difference is this is written for a trumpet choir. This was scored for 3 trumpets, 2 Cornets, and 3 Flugels which works well for the first Cornet can be used as a fourth trumpet and the second Cornet can be used as a lead Flugel horn or they can be used together as a Cornet section. It can be played by eight Bb trumpets also.

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