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A voi Guglielmo invitto- Class III Tpt. Quintet

A voi Guglielmo invitto- Class III Tpt. Quintet

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Composer- Orlando Lasso /trans.Chidester

Length- 2:17

Difficulty- E

Counting ability- E

Ensemble difficulty- E

Range- E

Endurance- ME

Finger technique- E


All three Solo/Ensemble Classes  are rated differently.

Class I Solos/Ensembles are very challenging with respect to range, endurance, dynamics, tempi and basic execution. This class of solos will require the most advanced players and require additional time practicing in order to perform satisfactorily. These are rated as VD (Very Difficult Solos).

Class II Solos/Ensembles are appropriate for the less advanced players who are capable of great endurance that the younger player yet do not have the playing ability to perform the higher level solos. Usually the average level would be a player in the advanced middle school to the more advanced high school player. Range could include playing up to and including “C” just above the staff and those accomplished in faster tempi, more challenging technical abilities as well as a more musical concept of the music.

Class III Solos/Ensembles encompass the youngest and/or least advanced players who are learning the solo literature at the entry level. Effort has been made to limit playing time, for endurance reasons and limit the upper register. Tempi are most often comfortable as well as any technical requirements.

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