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6 Advanced Duets- Trumpet Duets

6 Advanced Duets- Trumpet Duets

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Composer- Gottlieb Heinrich Kohler/trans.Chidester
Length- 14:43
Difficulty- D
Range- High Bb
Endurance- D
Finger technique- MD
Counting ability- MD
Ensemble difficulty- D

A few times a year I find material from other sources which I feel is important enough to spend the time transcribing for trumpets. This is a fine example of some quality music written for horn, changed in a few areas and transcribed for trumpet players. The first part has been changed to alternate between the two players and the key has been lowered one step for easier playing.

I think you will enjoy this collection of six excellent duets. They are challenging and fun to play. It will take two good readers with above average chops to play this group of duets.

Each duet is contrasting in style making this a very useful collection for a recital or studio sight reading challenge..

As you can see from the time indication listed above, this is a long collection (14:43) and is 10 pages of actual music in each of the two parts plus 10 pages for the included score That comes close to 33 cents a page. What a deal!

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