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4th of July Medley (10 of your favorites)- Trumpet Solo / Duet / or Trio

4th of July Medley (10 of your favorites)- Trumpet Solo / Duet / or Trio

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Composer- Varous / arr.Chidester   

Length- Individual songs vary / total length 8:09

Difficulty- VE

Counting ability- VE

Ensemble difficulty- VE

Range- VE         

Endurance- Solo M / Parts 2 and 3 E

Finger technique- VE

This could be the best Medley of patriotic songs available for trumpets. It can be performed as a solo, duet or trio. Each song can be performed as an individual piece or can be played as a medley.

The range is limited to nothing above the staff for endurance consideration.

Sight reading these pieces is very easy for the average middle school player would feel comfortable performing them.

The keys have been carefully selected for ease in playing also.

......easy to play and great to fill out your 4th of July program.

10 of your all-time favorites

"God Bless America" 


“Star Spangled Banner”

"This Land Is Your Land"

"You're A Grand Old Flag"

"My Country Tis' of Thee"

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

“When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again”

“Yankee Doodle”

“Stars And Stripes Forever”

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