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24 Helpful Suggestions When Marking Your Music

24 Helpful Suggestions When Marking Your Music

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These are a few of the markings I have found helpful when performing shows, orchestra concerts, recitals; as well as rodeos, circuses, funerals, weddings and farm implement demonstrations.

  1. Omit (cross out)
  2. Do not play (circle)
  3. Octave above (8va)
  4. Octave down (8va basso)
  5. Warning of something to look out for (eye glasses)
  6. Mute additions (mute) (open)
  7. Modulations (key change)
  8. Difficult keys (Arrows)
  9. Extended rests (instruments names)
  10. Unspecified pickups ( written notes and instrument)
  11. Unwritten dynamics (below vocal)
  12. Page turns (Fast page turn)
  13. Solo entrance (alone)
  14. Duet balance (with tbn.)
  15. DC,DS Repeat directions (arrows)
  16. Feel of piece (in 2, in 4 etc.)
  17. Style indications (even or swing eights)
  18. Difficult rhythms (hash marks)
  19. Vocal cues (key words in lyrics)
  20. Difficult fingering (trill D to E)
  21. Forgettable accidentals (Bb in key of Bb)
  22. Repeat signs (Extend Signs)
  23. Mark only in pencil
  24. Bring an eraser to your last performance (only you will be removing all of your markings for the next musician) 


I.M. Diligent